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American Friends of the Father Bash Foundation

Supporting the charitable & evangelization work of the Father Bash Foundation in Uganda.


American Friends of the Father Bash Foundation (AFFBF)

Mission statement: Our mission is to allow Father Bashobora to continue sharing The Word of God and his gift, while we take on the responsibility of encouraging financial assistance in the form of child sponsorships, and spreading awareness of his cause. At present his foundation supports over 13,000 children, orphans, newborns, the aged, seminarians and the disadvantaged.

AFFBF, Inc. proceeds go to support The Father Bash Foundation of Mbarara, Uganda.
AFFBF, Inc. is a 501c3 Nonprofit Charitable Organization supporting Father Bashobora.

About Father Bashobora:
Father John Baptist Bashobora is a charismatic priest known for his prayer, healing and deliverance ministry. Fr. Bash travels all over the world preaching the Good News, sharing his deep love for Christ with others and praying in the healing power of The Holy Spirit for healing the sick and delivering people oppressed by bad spirits. Our Lord has chosen this humble priest to manifest his great power, as many experience conversions, healing, and deliverance after prayer meetings with Father Bash. Father Bashobora serves as coordinator of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in the Mbarara Diocese Uganda, East Africa. He earned his doctorate in Theology of Spirituality from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Father was ordained as the priest in 1972. \n AFFBF President: Barbara Antonacci

Location: Medway, MA, USA