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Catholic global prayer network


A project by Abba Father Institute

Catholic Comfort

Spiritual care and community for the hospitalized and homebound


Welcome to Catholic Comfort - an online group providing spiritual care and community to our hospitalized and homebound neighbors.

This group connects the ill and elderly, caregivers, lay ministers, and clergy.

This forum provides spiritual care and community through:

- Content that inspires and consoles

- Prayer requests and praise reports

- Faith sharing

- Facilitating access to sacraments

The Beatimi platform also enables members to chat, either by messaging the entire group in our Catholic Comfort chat room, by private messaging a particular member, or by creating a private chat group.

You are invited to submit your prayer requests and praise reports in this group, as well as to join us in praying for the intentions that are posted in the group by others.

Faith sharing is encouraged. We are not alone in our struggles. Reflecting how God is acting in our lives can help us all to live with courage and faith.

Please, keep in mind your prayer intentions and faith sharing are visible to everyone else in the group. Therefore we ask you to consider which information you wish to share with others. Please, avoid sharing any information that you don't want to make public (for example: full names of people, personal details, etc).

The group moderators reserve the right to edit prayer and faith sharing as required. Some of the posts may be rephrased for confidentiality and clarity.

You may request a visit for Eucharist, Reconciliation, or Anointing by posting or private messaging another member. We will do our best to respond to these requests.